Friday, 8 December 2017

All about me

 This is my about me what i have done what i like and what i find hard at school so i hope you like reading this all about me .This is about what i like and what i find hard my levels are very gone good which i am very proud of my work i have done this year i hope i get higher next year so i hope you like this happy blogging(:

Friday, 24 November 2017

This is my plenary i have been doing this week and what work i have done.

In my class this week we have been doing inquiry and Bedmas/algebra also Narrative writing.My inquiry is about Kiwiana something that is new Zealand and made in new Zealand and mine is hokey pokey ice cream we have to have 750 words but sadly i need more.In writing i have been doing narrative writing based on Kiwiana,Narrative writing is a writing that is made up but has a lot of stuff in it my Narrative is about a girl named Kim has entered the milkshake completion it is very interesting and cool to read but i still haven't finish so i'm going to try my hardest. Bedmas is a easier way to solve your maths i have just learned it this week but it is still a little bit tricky for me but i will try my hardest to be amazing at it.happy blogging:)

Monday, 18 September 2017

book review/Geronimo Stilton rumble in the jungle

This is my second book that i have read at my school and on my weel i just need to read five more books to complete it and get a free hell's kids pizza Mmm.So if you get this book from Duffy read it cause its amazing and interesting.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Book Review/Ella diaries#worst camp ever

At my school we have a challenge to complete and it includes reading it we read 7 novels and our teacher signs our weel we get a free kids pizza from hell pizza which is very cool.This is my first book i read so i need another 6 left and i can get a free kids pizza

Friday, 11 August 2017

Where does rubbish go?

This is my writing about were does rubbish class we have be learning how to do a explanation writing about rubbish hope you like:).

Where does rubbish go?

Have you ever wanted to know where rubbish goes and what happens?

Opening statement:
You probably think that you put your rubbish out every week ,the rubbish truck picks it up takes it to the dump, end of story! Or is it? And you probably wonder where all your tins,cans,plastic go will buy reading this you will finally know what happens!

Firstly: You start with having something to eat and when you finish eating you put it into the recycling bin or the normal rubbish bin it depends what you eat like chips in a chip packet or had peaches in a can or a tin to recycle to use again.Then after you put all your rubbish in the bin and it’s full you put it out on the road and wait for the rubbish truck to come and pick it up or put you cans,tins and plastic bottles in a recycling dump.

secondly:After you put all your rubbish out a big rubbish truck comes and picks up your rubbish bag and takes it to the dump them when the dump containers are full they take it to a big hole in the ground which is called the landfill which is all full of rubbish.

Finally:after a dump truck drops the rubbish into the big hole,workers slowly cover the rubbish with spray to make grass grow over the rubbish so now what we might be walking on or playing on there could be rubbish underneath the grass which might be polluted with rubbish which can kill our environment.

General statement:Now you know what happens to rubbish here are some more interesting facts,plastics,tins and cans all go to a recycling place and all get transformed into other stuff or be transformed into the same things they were and all get used again.

Friday, 4 August 2017

te reo come and check it out

i have been working on this slide to help people with moari and just basic words in te reo moari i hope you like it .