Tuesday, 28 March 2017

come on my blog and check out my New Zealander that I have been working on.

My class has been learning how to write in there on words and pick a New Zealander to learn about.

This is my full writing of melanoma#skin cancer i hope you like it.

Sun hats
Do you want to be someone who is diagnosed with skin cancer? Did you know 4000  in new Zealand are diagnosed with melanoma every year.You don’t want to be one of those people do you?Firstly: We should make sunhats for kids at a young age because you don’t want them getting affected by melanoma do you.Secondly:If we make school hats around Northland more schools in new Zealand and other countries will make sunhats for there kids at their school so they don’t get skin cancer.Finally:what is melanoma#skin cancer.New Zealand has the highest rates of melanoma.Melanoma form’s quickly over weeks while others can be slower to develop.If Melanoma is ignored, it can spread cancer to other parts of the body and become impossible to get rid of.

Firstly:We should make sunhats for kids in Northland New Zealand and everywhere in other countries so school hats can protect kids in schools and even where ever they go plus it doesn't have to be you school hat it can be a hat from school.And protect them when they go to beaches,theme parks,parks,swimming pool without shelter above you when you get make sure you were sun block wherever you go!

Secondly:what will happen if we make sun hats a lot of kids will probably disagree with sun hats because they will say yuck those are ugly i don’t want to wear that,so try and convince the kids to wear the hats and tell them all about what can happen when you don’t wear sun hats.And say what won’t happen when you wear sunhats you won’t get melanoma#skin cancer and you will have healthy skin.

Finally:what is melanoma#skin cancer,New Zealand has one of the highest rate of melanoma it can form quite easy and if it’s ignored it can spread into other parts of the body. And it is impossible to get rid of,so we should make sun hats for kids at their school to protect them from melanoma#skin cancer.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Here is what i have been working on in my class is how to do introduction.

this is what i have been working on how to do a introduction about melanoma#skin cancer hope you like.

Friday, 17 March 2017

came on out and check out my work on spelling.

this is my work i have been working on all week i hope you like it well i have not finish all my activity's but yeah this has just what i have been working on all week.

my animal fact about horses

 our class is learning how to write in our own words.we are working on a animal to research about what it eats,habitat,behaviour,predators.I hope you like my work.

Friday, 10 March 2017

our Ruapekepeke trip.

We had to have a noho marae (when we stay at school for a night)at our school and we toke a trip to ruapekepeke and we loved it and we found out new stuff like(the cannon was made is Scotland 1811)

kawakawa primary school/we should have bins!!

We had to work on a task about our school bins(would you agree or disagree to have rubbish bins)we tried our hardest to complete this task about our rubbish bins in our school.

Image result for open rubbish binKawakawa primary schools rubbish bins

Opening statement: I strongly  believe that rubbish bins should be allowed at school.Firstly I agree that our school should have rubbish bins.Secondly because we won’t have to bring more lunch boxes,plastic  bags.Finally do you want kids to drop their rubbish when they are walking past in our school and let it be a dump no.

Firstly I agree that we should have rubbish bins in our school to try and convince the kids.I would try to talk to them and say would you rather having to put your rubbish in your bag or keep the school clean and put all your rubbish in the school can have your bin in your class and the bin outside to put your rubbish in.But that has to be a promise to the teachers and the school.Don’t you think it’s really annoying when teachers find rubbish that is not your’s (stuffed on the ground. That’s not cool) and you have to pick it up and put it in your bag now that’s annoying.

Secondly some students at the school bring plastic bags or put their rubbish in there normal bags.sometimes when kids put their rubbish in there normal bags it can make their bag stink or really nasty and that's not good at all because parents will get grumpy and might buy there kids a new bag or just wash it and then they will have to come to school with no bag because their bags are on the washing line.

Finally why it’s bad to drop your rubbish on the ground do you want our school to be a dump i don’t.Think about what you do when you drop your rubbish on the ground.Make good choices about what you do.Because once you do you’ll be making our school a dump with what you drop so if you know that you drop your rubbish please go and pick it up and if you see someone drop there’s tell them (please go and pick your rubbish up)so respect so respect our school Grounds.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

come along and check out my pepeha

come on out and check out my pepeha sorry if i type in pepha i got muck up and forgot to change it so sorry.