Friday, 24 November 2017

This is my plenary i have been doing this week and what work i have done.

In my class this week we have been doing inquiry and Bedmas/algebra also Narrative writing.My inquiry is about Kiwiana something that is new Zealand and made in new Zealand and mine is hokey pokey ice cream we have to have 750 words but sadly i need more.In writing i have been doing narrative writing based on Kiwiana,Narrative writing is a writing that is made up but has a lot of stuff in it my Narrative is about a girl named Kim has entered the milkshake completion it is very interesting and cool to read but i still haven't finish so i'm going to try my hardest. Bedmas is a easier way to solve your maths i have just learned it this week but it is still a little bit tricky for me but i will try my hardest to be amazing at it.happy blogging:)