Wednesday, 12 April 2017

This is my technology

Ocean:(arts and craft)I have been learning to choose my passion and that is art and craft and me and my friend Dakota have to presents to room three.Hard part is: to make the 10 day slide and the 90 video.The good part is: that me and my friend Dakota are nearly finished our (diary,goals,90 second video.)I can: present this to the class in a nice way.I need to:keep on working on my diary.

Monday, 10 April 2017

this is my found poem about dogs hope you like it

should kids be able to swim? this is my writing i have been working on

in the past two week about should kids swim at school do they need floats and should they be supervised these are all in my own words hope you like Should kids be able to swim?Image result for swimming clipart
Should kids be able to swim?
Opening statement: I strongly believe that kids at school should learn how to swim at their school.Firstly it does not matter about how you set your pool up they can still be able to get in or slip,what happens we you just say(swim like this a you can do it)really just by doing that action you think they can swim?Secondly floats should be compulsory in schools and countries to protect (babies,toddlers even older kids and you never no parents.Finally if they learn how to swim at school it doesn't mean they can’t be supervised by adults or teens there is still a chance on what can happen?and i think over 16 can supervise kids under there age.

Firstly: Do you want your child to drown in the water thinking they can swim,in deep ends or shallow ends they are still able to drown.It does not matter if you have gates around your pool you can leave the gate open and they can get right in.if you don’t have gates around your pool Honestly kids can drown ever way how you set your pool up.

Secondly: floats should be compulsory around schools and countries such as (Australia,America,fiji and all or other countries)a lot of people can drown very fast even parents you never no who can drown in the water. Coromandel Hot Water Beach is New Zealand's most dangerous beach.

Finally i agree that all kids that are under 16 have to be supervised  over that the age of 16 to protect them from drowning in the pool or sinking.under the age of 16 does not matter what the child says that they can swim without being watched by you( because i go to swimming classes in kerikeri) don't listen to them you older and should be more responsible at your choices.