Monday, 18 September 2017

book review/Geronimo Stilton rumble in the jungle

This is my second book that i have read at my school and on my weel i just need to read five more books to complete it and get a free hell's kids pizza Mmm.So if you get this book from Duffy read it cause its amazing and interesting.


  1. Kia ora Ocean,
    I know that Geronimo Stilton books are very popular but do you know what.... I have never read one! Thanks for sharing your review, I think I am going to give one a go! Good on you for reading two books - keep up the great word and read five more books so that you can get the free Hells Pizza. Thats a good incentive. Do you think you'll choose more Geronimo Stilton books?

  2. Kia ora Ocean It seems like that you really like Geronimo Stilton I think I've only read about a half of one of these Geronimo Stilton books and It must be really easy for you to read and sometimes when I read some hard books I find it difficult to read sometimes can you give me so me advise for me to work on it and when you say that Geronimo Stilton books are that cool can you give me the present how Geronimo Stilton books are that cool and I really liked your book review okay bye here is my blog link if you want to check it out.

  3. Kia ora Ocean,
    I really liked your blog about the story Rumble in the jungle . I also like how you have said what you were learning and a how you said a bit about it.
    Thank you for posting.